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The office of Dr. Markus Stuppi is a modern service-oriented notariate right in the heart of Landstuhl in the building of „Sparkasse Kaiserslautern“ at the „Alter Markt“ – square.

The address is Ludwigstr. 21 in 66849 Landstuhl, Germany.

Phone: 06371/2081
Fax: 06371/18497

In a region such as Landstuhl, which is close to Kaiserslautern and Ramstein and inhabited by many foreign military members and civilians, we deal with international clients frequently. For example this concerns the purchase and financing of real estate, the formation of a company, the declaration of a will or a power of attorney or simple notarizations and affidavits..

One of our key practice areas is real estate law. It covers any and everything related to land and buildings, such as the purchase or sale of a single home, a parcel of land, apartment building, condominium or a large commercial structure. We also handle the partitioning of buildings into individually owned condominiums, the partitioning of large plots of real estate into fractional tracts of land, the constitution and sale of ground leases as well as land charges, mortgages and easements.

When you purchase real estate, you generally invest much of your savings and borrow the remainder. We ensure that your purchase contract is fair and help to identify and avoid risks. We oversee the conveyance of title and protect you from paying the purchase price without acquiring title in exchange. We also obtain the documents needed to carry out the transaction and handle the correspondence with the land registry, banks and government authorities.

In other words, we are responsible for the legal aspects of land purchases; financial matters – especially the fairness of the purchase price – are not ours to judge. Likewise, it is the buyer’s responsibility to come up with the necessary funds. Financing should be discussed with your bank early on. In the contract, we will adjust the due date and payout date of the purchase price based on the final financing package.

Consultancy and recordings in the fields of company law, wills and inheritance, marriage, divorce and family issues as well as powers of attorney and notarizations of all kind are other major areas of practice.

Notar Dr. Stuppi is able to do simple recordings, like powers of attorney and mortgages, in English. Pure authentications/notarizations can also be made in other languages like French, Spanish or Italian. In other cases we are glad to help you with the search for an interpreter. Please note that regularly, especially in the case of purchase of real estate, the interpreter`s fee is much lower than the extra translation fee for the notary. Also, our clients usually prefer the smooth and safe way of having a a sworn interpreter on their side and getting a certified translation of the contract later. That is why we regularly work with interpreters in these cases.

By the way: Where you live or where your real estate or your company is located is irrelevant for the choice of your notary. Even if, as a notary, Dr. Stuppi is only allowed to exercise his office within his official region, you can freely choose your notary as a client.

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Ludwigstraße 21
66849 Landstuhl
Telefon: +49 (0) 63 71 / 20 81
Telefax: +49 (0) 63 71 / 18 49 7


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